Hutch cop plays soccer with kids, has positive impact

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KSNW) – A Hutchinson cop is getting a lot of attention online for playing a game of soccer with a group of kids while he was on duty.

Nearly every day Javier Walker, 10, and his relatives play outside their Hutchinson home.

“If we are bored, we will go outside and play sports,” said Javier.

That’s what Javier and his buddies were doing on Saturday when an officer pulled up nearby.

“I think that he thought we did something bad,” Javier said.

However, that was not the case. No one was in trouble at the scene.

“He said, ‘you guys are playing soccer, can I play?” Javier said.

The group of kids immediately told the officer yes. For the next 20 minutes or so Officer Travis Dorion kicked the soccer ball around with the kids.

A passerby took a photo of the group playing and then posted it to Facebook. It quickly spread to the kids’ parents and to the police department.

“I was a little shocked that it went so fast. It was about 15 minutes between when they took the picture and we saw it,” said Javier’s stepdad Eric Lisco. “It was really cool to see the officer reach out and give a positive influence there.”

“I think everybody is proud of him,” said Hutchinson Police Lt. Robert Rowe. “It just shows everybody that yeah, we are police officers, but we also want to be part of the community and interact with our young youth of the community.”

KSN asked Javier and his friends how they felt about the officer stopping to play with them.

“Surprised,” said 11-year-old Ethan Crabbs. “I never played with an officer before.”

“I felt really special because I have never known anybody that had an officer do that,” Javier said.

Over the summer, another photo surfaced of Officer Dorion playing football with a group of kids. He told KSN it’s his way of giving back to the community and showing the youth that cops aren’t scary.