Santa Claus is back on Facebook after proving his identity

Santa Clause Facebook (NBC Photo)

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) — Santa Claus’ Facebook account has been reinstated after it was suspended on Christmas Day.

Claus is a city councilman in North Pole, Alaska. He says he was never given a reason why his page was blocked, but he thinks Facebook didn’t believe his name was Santa Claus or that he lived in North Pole.

He says he is the only Santa Claus on Facebook who resides in North Pole and legally goes by the name.

To get his account reinstated, Claus says he sent Facebook multiple documents proving his identity, including copies of his Alaska driver’s license and letter of appointment to the North Pole City Council.

A Facebook spokeswoman apologized for suspending the account and said it was done by mistake.

Claus says he goes on his Facebook page regularly to share “nice quotes” and interact with people. His page has more than 300,000 “likes.”