Dodge VFW rebuilding after storm damage

The satellite dish and other electrical components were also damaged.

DODGE CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – The VFW building in Dodge City was hit by a storm on Sunday. It caused extensive damage, but it hasn’t stopped the organization for helping area veterans.

The casual observer on the ground might not notice the roof damage, but it will take weeks to put back to normal.

“They haven’t told me what it’s going cost,” said Jim Massey, the VFW’s quartermaster. “I have no clue as of yet, and that probably won’t be until next week.”

It damaged the satellite dish, some electrical components, and ripped the roof off of the lounge.

They’re optimistic they can get the repairs done quickly.

“I’m hoping in three weeks,” said Massey, “but that’s short, because of the fact they have to go to the insurance company, insurance company has to go through their paperwork and everything else.”

While they wait for a check from their insurance company, they’ve put a temporary covering over the roof to prevent further damage.

“Lounge will be closed until we know it’s safe,” said Massey. “We’re not going to have anybody go in there until we know it’s safe, the electric has been taken care of.”

The VFW is operating as usual, even with the storm damage.

Massey says no events or programs will be interrupted. For example, their New Year party has been moved to their big hall, which is in a different building.

“This is a thing we try to do for our veterans, because we’re all veterans. We want our veterans cared for. We want to take care for them as much as possibly can, and we want them to have a good time.”

Massey said if Dodge residents want to help they can call the VFW to ask how. That number is (620) 225-7081.