Several Topeka officials retire before the beginning of 2017

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – At the end of a tough year financially for the state of Kansas, two top officials at the Kansas Department of Revenue have stepped down from their roles.

This comes on the heels of Governor Brownback appointing a new revenue secretary, Wichitan Sam Williams.

“We need people with the knowledge and the experience with that situation to help ring solutions and try to fix the problem,” stated Dr. Jeff Jarman, KSN Political Analyst.

Two longtime officials have decided to leave the Kansas Department of Revenue before the end of 2016.

Steve Stotts, the state’s director of taxation, had worked in Topeka for more three decades.

Jim Conant, the agency’s director of resource management, also left earlier this month.

Both retirements were announced after Governor Brownback appointed Sam Williams as acting secretary, leaving gaps in the department.

“Now is the time where we want all hands on deck to try to ring as many good ideas to the table and losing key people at this moment just makes it more of a challenge for the state,” voiced Jarman.

Jarman says he’s predicting the upcoming legislative session to be a long and challenging one.

The state has struggles to meet revenue estimates significantly in the past two years, and Jarman says the state needs to come up with some type of solution to get the state back up on its feet, financially.

“The department of revenue and taxation in particular is a significant department in the state and one that will be high-profile in the coming months as we try to fix the tax and spending revenue situation in the state,” stated Jarman.

William’s appointment will go before the senate for a vote during the upcoming session.