Wichita police teaming up with Uber to combat drinking and driving

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The Wichita Police Department is thinking creatively to sway people from drinking and driving for the next several days by teaming up with Uber.

Uber driver Jeremy McTaggart says he’s on board with the Wichita Police Department’s newest campaign.

“In terms of fostering relationships within the community, I think it is a great move on the police department’s part,” says McTaggart.

That’s because police are doing something a little different.

“If you are going to be drinking we ask that you do not drive. That is normally the campaign we put out,” says Officer Paul Cruz.

This year, in an effort to reduce the amount of people drinking and driving, police are teaming up with Uber for a special promotion for this holiday weekend.

“If you are a first time user with Uber, you are going to get a discount, you are going to get your first free ride and it is going to be on us. This is our campaign for don’t drink and drive starting today,” says Cruz.

The program will run through Dec. 31.

Police hope the newest campaign will prevent people from even entertaining the idea of getting behind the wheel after drinking.

Instead, all you will have to do is open the app and type in the code WPD16 and you get a free ride for up to $20.

Wichitan Corey Kellogg is happy with what police are doing this weekend.

“It will keep a lot of people safe going home. Leaving establishments like this or other things. It is just a great opportunity,” says Kellogg.

And knowing that people who have been drinking are in his car and not sharing the road, is a comfort to drivers like McTaggart.

“They have no business being behind the wheel this is the best alternative for everybody involved,” he says.