Wichita girl receives Christmas doll that looks like her

WICHITA, Kan (KSNW) – It was truly a special Christmas for one Wichita girl.

It’s been almost six months since 6-year-old Lexi Warren lost her foot in a lawn mowing accident.

On Christmas morning, she received a gift she’ll cherish forever.

For weeks Lexi’s parents had to hold on to a hard to keep secret. They had teamed up with Peeples Prosthetics in Wichita to provide the little girl with the best present Santa could have brought her, a doll that looked just like her.

“She kind of looked at it and saw, and said real quietly, it’s like me,” recalled Daniel Warren, Lexi’s father.

Her new doll, she’s named Isabella, also came with a wheelchair, one that looks exactly like the one Lexi had for months.

Peeples Prosthetics custom-made a foot for Lexi earlier this year.

They also specially made Isabella’s foot to match Lexi’s.

“She’d go to bed at night and would take her leg off and take the dolls leg off and set it next to her,” said Warren.

Warren says she and Isabella have been inseparable since Sunday morning.

Matching outfits were purchased for the both of them, that way Lexi always looks like her twin.

“Buying the doll and having it modified, if you will, I wasn’t worried about cost. I would have paid whatever I had to, to have it done,” stated Warren.

A priceless gift from two parents that want to give their young daughter a gift of normalcy. Through this time of tragedy, the warren family has found hope.

“Don’t treat them any differently, because you don’t want that to drag them down. Make them feel like anybody else,” said Warren.

According to the Warren’s, around the same time as Lexi’s accident, another Wichita girl also lost her foot in a lawn mowing incident. Through their recovery the two have become close friends.