Christmas autograph brings squeals of delight – Must see, fun video

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever.

Just another Christmas for Kayleen Alderman of Wichita until she opened an autograph of someone she says, saved her life.

Here is Kayleen, opening her autographed pic of KSNW Chief Meteorologist, Dave Freeman.

Too much? Not really, says Jamie Gideon, Kayleen’s brother.

“Our house was lost in the (1991) Andover (Kansas) tornado, and we all listened to Dave airing on the radio at the time as the tornado passed over our house,” says Gideon. (Historical footnote from Dave: “I am very grateful to Kayleen for her kind words. But, in fairness, I do want to point out that I arrived at KSN in 1993. Kayleen was, no doubt, watching my friend and predecessor, Mike Smith, the day of the Andover tornado.”)

Since that 1991 tornado in Andover, Kayleen has been, understandably, nervous at the mention of a tornado warning.

Freeman helped out Kayleen a second time in 2001.

“My sister Kayleen and I were traveling in JO CO in spring 2001 when we got stuck in the middle of a tornado warning as we were getting ready to head back to Wichita. There was a wall cloud and a few funnels near us just off I-35 and we couldn’t get a local radio station to tell us what’s is going on,” explains Gideon. “My sister Kayleen’s first thought was to call Dave Freeman and ask if we were safe to drive. We didn’t think we would actually talk to him but Dave spoke to my sister and calmly and patiently told us that if we keep heading back toward Wichita then we would be ok. It was enough to calm my sister down and we made it home safely. She has been a big fan ever since!”

Click on the video again. The simple gift appears to have made her Christmas!