KHP keeping a watchful eye on holiday travelers

WICHITA, Kan. – –  AAA estimates that more than 103 million Americans will be traveling this holiday weekend.

More than 93-million of those, will be driving to their destination.

Dave Pedersen and his wife, Rae, have been on the road since six this morning.

“Not too bad so far, it is starting to pick up a little bit now,” said Pedersen.

It is something Trooper Jason Griner with the Kansas Highway Patrol have taken notice of.

“Usually the days before and after the holiday, traffic picks up a little bit, people are traveling in and out of state, in and out of town,” said Trooper Griner.

Trooper Griner says KHP isn’t increasing enforcement for the weekend.

He says they’ll have about six to seven troopers out patrolling and on the look-out for a variety of things.

“Usually around the holidays, our big push is speeding enforcement, seat belts, DUI’s, things like that,” said Trooper Griner.

Trooper Griner says he’ll be patrolling both today and Christmas Eve.

He expects the roads to be packed both days with those traveling out of town.

So, he has a few words to the wise to those who are venturing off for the holiday weekend.

“Make sure you are aware of what is going on around you, stay off your phones, slow down and leave a little bit more space between you and vehicles around you,” said Trooper Griner.

As for those, like the Pedersens, they say they are appreciative of the troopers making sure the roads stay safe for their travels.

“Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas,” said Pedersen.

If you do run into trouble on the Kansas highways you can dial Star 47 for assistance.