Kansas’ 6 electors vote for Trump

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSN and AP) – Kansas’ six Republican members of the Electoral College have cast their ballots for President-elect Donald Trump, keeping with the state’s popular vote.

In voting Monday at the Statehouse, the electors ignored thousands of emails urging them to vote against Trump. And about 19 people protested at the Statehouse on Monday.

But the electors said most of the emails came from outside Kansas and urged a vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton, as the winner of the national popular vote. Trump received nearly 57 percent of the vote in Kansas.

The electors signed separate ballots for Trump and his vice presidential running mate, Mike Pence.

KSN News talked to one elector after the vote.

“I don’t think things will go poorly. I have hope, a lot of hope for the first time in a long time. So, I am excited about the new administration, and I think we will see some change,” said Ashley McMillan, Hutchinson elector.

The Electoral College formally elects the president, and each state has as many votes as members in Congress. A candidate must win 270 of the 538 votes to be elected.