Stay away from those ‘Super Mario Run’ knockoffs for Android

Nintendo’s very first mobile game, “Super Mario Run,” is already a big hit.

It’s also indirectly behind an increase of malware installs on Android devices.

The official game is only available on Apple devices. That means you need either an iPhone or an iPad to play the $9.99 game. That’s left plenty of Android users searching the internet for less-than-legitimate versions of the popular game.

Here’s the problem: Many of those knock-off games also install malware on your device. That could to theft of the personal data you store on your device.

While the game isn’t officially available on Android just yet, Nintendo does say a version is coming. It won’t, however, set an official date for that release.

“We do intend to release the game on Android devices at some point in the future,” a statement by the gaming company said.