Locker break-ins at four Greater Wichita YMCA locations

(KSN photo)

WICHITA, Kan (KSNW) – Four Greater Wichita YMCA locations fell victim to burglaries last week.

According to police, two young women pried open multiple lockers inside of the women’s locker room and stole thousands of dollars’ worth of valuables.

Now Wichita police are warning gym members to be extra vigilant when storing items in public lockers.

“For them to go to multiple YMCA’s just shows that they found an easy mark, an easy way to get some goods and they went back trying the game again and again” stated Sgt. Trevor McDonald.

Lockers at the south, north, Andover and downtown YMCA branch were all broken into. Items including purses, wallets, credit cards and even social security cards were swiped.

KSN reached out to the Greater Wichita YMCA to see what precautions they were asking members to take so no one falls victim to this crime. They would not speak with us on camera, but released this statement:

     Safety is a priority with the YMCA. We encourage all participants to secure their items. We provide lock boxes for free by our front desk to secure valuables, but beyond that, they can ensure the safety of those items by not bringing those in with them.”

Sgt. McDonald says he has seen gym thefts from time to time, however, it’s not every week he sees four gyms targeted. McDonald, just like the YMCA, advises members not to take any valuables into the gym.

“We’ve left something significant whether that’s an expensive ring, wallet, our credit cards, social security cards all in there. And, they can be victimized just as easy as any other place in this world,” explained Sgt. McDonald.

A reason that YMCA member, Melinda Fritze, does not put valuables in her locker at the gym.

“It looked like they had pried off the lock,” said Fritze.

This past week, she noticed her lock and locker had been broken into. Luckily, nothing of hers was stolen.

“I never keep anything valuable in my locker. The Y warns us to not keep valuables in our locker, so I don’t,” stated Fritze.

Officials say one thing you can to is leave your valuables in the trunk of your car, however, make sure that no one has watched you put them in there.

Also, officials say bring valuables inside with you, but keep them with yourself, or by you, when working out.