Pipes at risk of freezing this weekend

You can insulate your pipes with or without professional help.

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) — With the temperatures dropping, your home can be in danger as well with the potential for frozen pipes.

When it comes to plumbing, sometimes the simplest actions can keep your pipes from freezing.

“Whether it’s kitchen sink or bathroom sink, anything that’s on an exterior wall,” said Eric Relph, a plumber in Garden City, “open the cabinets up and let that room temperature air in. That conducts through most piping, keeps them thawed out mostly that way.”

Homes without basements are at greater risk for freezing pipes, especially mobile homes, but preventative measures can still be taken.

“That skirting can be removed,” said Relph. “Any exposed piping can have heat tape put on it as well as insulation around it. That helps it a lot.”

But if your pipes do freeze, it’s smart to shut off your water. You can carefully warm up your pipes yourself, like with a hair dryer, but avoid things like blow torches or extreme heat.

“We’ve heard horror stories for years about people sticking space heaters in crawl spaces,” said Relph, “particularly with mobile homes, catching them on fire. Definitely avoid those things.”

If you’re worried about freezing pipes, you can always leave the job to a professional.

“The best thing to do is isolate it and wait for warmer temperatures or call one of us and let a professional thaw the lines,” said Relph.