City prepares for cold, snowy weekend


All hands are on deck as the city prepares for a snowy blast on Saturday. Friday morning, officials with public works addressed concerns and laid out their plans on how they will keep roads cleared off. “We’re gonna have folks on standby and with them scheduled to start work at 3am Saturday morning,” said Wichita’s director of Public Works, Alan King. “We’ll monitor the weather to do what we need to do as far as a response, that could include actual plowing.”

Saltwater brine trucks have been treating roads, particularly elevated roads, since Tuesday. However, with the rain that came Thursday morning, all plans were put on hold until the roads dried out. “When you get precipitation, it washes away the brine–it takes a little while to do that, there’s a residual that stays there for a while, that’s why we stopped for right now,” said King. In addition, the city is reminding people that if they need to plow all the roads, it could take close to 24 hours for all the routes to be taken care of. “During that time, depending on how fast the snow comes down and accumulates, you could see snow on the roads and with the lower temperatures, that could be freezing. So we’re gonna try and get those plows out as soon as we can as it starts coming down.”

Due to Wichita State’s game happening on Saturday at Intrust Bank Arena, the city is paying extra attention to the downtown area and parking lots. However, their biggest request is for drivers to have patience on the roads and give themselves plenty of time to get where they’re going.