WSU students and parents raise concerns about guns in dorms

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – State law will allow handguns on campuses at Kansas public universities next year.

The board of regents approved the schools’ conceal carry policies Wednesday. When the person with the gun is not concealing it, the gun must be locked in a vehicle or approved storage device. And the only time it can be seen is when it’s being transferred to a storage device or when it’s being used for self defense.

The new policy means students living on Wichita State’s campus may be moving in with more than just a new TV or mini fridge next fall.

“Guns can do a lot of damage so if you are not comfortable with it I think it is important to say so,” says student Mikaela Schmitz.

Starting July 1st, students who are 21 or older may have a handgun under the university’s new conceal carry policy that was approved this week.

WSU’s policy states that students who do have a weapon on campus, must keep it in a secure storage device, and out of site, when they aren’t carrying.

“The idea is that you won’t really aware if someone is carrying a conceal weapon,” says Lou Heldman, Vice President of Strategic Communications.

Heldman says the university is still working with other schools to find the best ways to handle roommate or housing concerns.

“We are a long way from July 1 and there will be many details worked out between now and then.”

One student who lived on campus this year, says students should have the choice.

“It is very important that people have the chance to voice their opinion on it,” says Schmitz.

Mikaela Schmitz’s mother agrees

“You should certainly to be able to have that option to not be close to that if you don’t want to be,” Trixy Schmitz.

Those concerns have reached the SGA President. Joseph Shepard says along with tighter regulations on dorm entrances, the option of whether or not you live with a gun owner is one of the group’s top priorities.

“I definitely look forward to that being on the questionnaire when they are filling it out what they want to look for in a roommate that is something I am advocating right now as student body president,” says Shepard.