Great Bend school board silent about $90K payment to superintendent

GREAT BEND, Kan. (KSNW) — Questions remain about where the Great bend School District is getting the funds to make an $90,000 additional payment to the outgoing superintendent.

“We work hard for our money and that sounds like kind of a giveaway to me,” said Shirley Herb.

Great Bend residents said they want to know where the money is coming from, to pay resigning Superintendent Brad Reed on top of his salary through June 30.

“I don’t think that’s fair. I think they need to know where the money is coming from and going,” said Herb.

Dan Hauck asked: “It’s just…where does that come from, from the school board?”

KSN’s Amanda Aguilar reached out to school board president Joyce Carter. She would not answer calls or grant an on-camera interview, but did send a text saying: “There is no need for interviews and tabloid-like questions.”

Carter added: “The USD 428 Board of Education appreciates the service that Mr. Reed has provided the district and the accomplishments that were made under his leadership. In granting Mr. Reed’s request for a leave of absence and retirement/resignation effective June 30, 2017, the board felt it was necessary to move forward with the transition plan.”

We continued to ask where the funds were coming from for the $90,000 payout, and why the agreement was made.

Carter responded in a text: “That is a personnel question pertaining to contracts…No comment.”

KSN put in an Open Records Request to look at USD 428’s financial reports. We will let you know what we find in those, when they’re made available. By law, the district has three days to respond to the open records request, but it could take longer to actually receive the documents.