City of Rose Hill workshop to address proposed zoning changes

Camper in Rose Hill, Kansas. (Photo: KSN/Scott Dietz)

ROSE HILL, Kansas (KSNW) – Tonight, there is a City of Rose Hill workshop that will address an issue that has drawn a lot of attention around town.

Just a few weeks ago, KSN reported that some residents are frustrated over the possibility of a new regulation involving the storage of campers, boats, and utility trailers.

KSN attended a Rose Hill town hall meeting on Nov. 28 where about 60 to 70 people gathered to talk about the potential regulation and express their concerns. Some residents even threatened to move out of the city as a result.

Yesterday, KSN spoke with Beth Pompa, the mayor of Rose Hill, who said the frustrations spread prematurely over social media.

“This came about because a citizen had requested some information from our city administrator,” Pompa said. “It was posted on social media and we had some citizens voice some concerns about the particular portion of the zoning regulation.”

Prematurely, she said, because nothing has been made final or even proposed to the city yet.

The zoning regulation posted to social media was a possible guideline, unapproved by the City of Rose Hill.

Under that suggested new change, it would be mandatory for residents of Rose Hill to keep boats, campers and trailers contained in a storage facility.

That means residents couldn’t park them on their own driveway or another place of choice for more than two days each month.

For some, even the possibility of that change sparked outrage, but that concern will be taken into consideration, according to Pompa.

“We want to do what the majority of the citizens in our community want to see happen,” she said.

Tonight’s public workshop will be the first time any potential zoning changes will be proposed to the city’s planning commission.

It’s after that workshop that a potential ordinance could make its way to the city council for consideration.

That’s when residents will have the opportunity to share their opinion with the city at a public forum.

There is a survey on the city’s website on other areas for improvement in Rose Hill. That survey closes Jan. 6.