Caught on camera: Deputy saves baby

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – When Shakira Nelson ran into the Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s Office in Tampa, Florida with her lifeless son Deputy Steve Donaldson immediately took action.

“I thought, Oh my God, I’ve got to do CPR on this child, and I hope I don’t break him.” Donaldson said. “You know I was afraid I was going to break him. Infant CPR is obviously a more delicate procedure than on an adult. ”

Deputy Donaldson doesn’t take all of the credit, admitting he had help from a higher power.

“When I had Cory in my arms, I said a little prayer and said God give me strength to save this baby. And he did,” he says.

The incident happened on Nov. 4.  CJ stopped breathing, and Shakira knew she needed to get help fast.

Deputy Donaldson was working off duty at the tax collector’s office for another deputy.  It just so happened, Deputy Donaldson had just been recertified in infant CPR.

“I remember as the child was handed over to me, I made a quick assessment. Sometimes they do wake up when you shake them a little bit.”  Donaldson said.

“He was unresponsive.  So the first flat surface that I had was the ground, so we went to the ground and immediately went into compressions and infant CPR. ”

By the time Tampa Fire Rescue arrived, CJ was breathing on his own. They transported him to the hospital where doctors evaluated him and released him.

Shakira Nelson was just thankful Deputy Donaldson was there at that very moment.

“Really, I just like to say thank you.  Because I really didn’t know that he had the training.”  Nelson said.

“Thank you.  And he is saying thank you as well.”