Ag sales drop with farmers’ incomes

ELLINWOOD, Kan. (KSNW) — December is usually Lang Diesel’s busiest month, but with farmers’ incomes decreasing — equipment sales are too.

“Last year, I sold over 900,000 in the month of December, and this year, we’ll be lucky to get a fraction of that,” said store manager, Doug Barrett.

According to Barrett, people are now looking for less expensive or used equipment. This has caused the company to fill that sales void through discount programs and equipment appraisals.

“You got to go with it, you got to get through it,” said Barrett. “And you just got to work until you find something that is going to be our niche to help get out of it.”

LDI hasn’t lost employees, like some suppliers have, but KSN’s ag expert John Jenkinson said a continued downturn impacts entire communities.

“Those employees no longer buy coffee or tanks of gas at the local convenience store. They’re no longer shopping at the local grocery stores,” he said.

Barrett said he’s concerned.

“It’s not a trickle down anymore,” he said. “It’s a full waterfall.”

For now, Barrett said he is trying to stay positive, while looking for that next opportunity to bring in some money.