5 year old Greenville cancer patient asks for Christmas cards

Hayden's mom, Summer, said he does a little happy dance when he reads the cards.

Greenville, NC (WITN) — Christmas greetings have a special way of warming our hearts this time of year but it’s especially true for a young cancer patient in North Carolina.

Hayden Drake has been battling leukemia and the effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments since earlier this year.

And to make his Christmas extra special, he has one simple wish; to get a whole bunch of cards with his name on them.

Hayden can’t help but smile when he checks the mailbox every day. His mom even say’s he does a little dance each time he gets a card.

“Yesterday, he got five cards in the mail and he does this little happy dance and he was doing the happy dance the whole time he was reading the cards,” said Summer Avery.

Hayden is in remission from his cancer, but will need treatments for the next three years.

Christmas cards for Hayden be sent to the following address:

Hayden Drake
1637 Lum Buck Road
Greenville, NC 27858