Festivus Pole targets Trump

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (WPTV/NBC News) – An annual holiday display inspired by “Seinfeld” has taken on a decidedly political tone this year in Delray Beach, Florida.

For the past three years a “Festivus” pole has been placed next to Delray Beach’s Christmas Tree, nativity and menorah.

“It’s the perfect freedom of expression,” says Chaz Stevens of the Religious Liberty Project.

This year, Stevens and Tom Wright wrapped the pole in an upside down American flag. That signifies distress. They pinned a Make America Great Again hat to the top in a nod to President-elect Donald Trump. And included a giant safety pin, a sign English are using to show support for minorities.

Stevens, an atheist, argues the election of Trump has put the country in distress, particularly for minorities.

“He called them rapists, he wants to give a religious test,” Stevens said. “All that crazy stuff that we saw through the entire campaign doesn’t seem to be getting any better.”