Riverside porch pirates stole from residents with security cameras, “they messed with the wrong house”

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – They’re at it again!

Porch pirates have made another visit to the Riverside neighborhood, but now one resident caught the suspect stealing, on camera.

Last week, KSN brought you the story of a recent uptick in packages being stolen off  front porches, and one of the residents we spoke to fell victim to this crime exactly one week later.

“I really didn’t think that we’d ever be having this conversation,” said Danny Mason.

Mason is still baffled by the images on his laptop.

His security cameras were able to capture is footage of a porch pirate snatching up an expensive package from his front porch in broad daylight Monday morning.

“We have him. We have his car. We have the color of his rims. We have what he looks like. We have him standing on our front porch and running across the yard. We have it all,” explained Mason.

The video shows a man walking away from a grayish Ford Focus Hatchback, he then walks straight to Mason’s porch, takes the eight foot long package from his door step and runs back to the vehicle.

“People want to catch this guy in this neighborhood. We’re tired of it. We’re done with people stealing packages,” Mason stated.

Mason and his roommate Alex Novotny have been blasting these pictures on social media since they saw what happened, in hopes that someone will recognize this man and report him to police.

“They have absolutely messed with the wrong house,” said Novotny.

He ordered the projector screen that was stolen and says he feels disrespected that someone had the audacity to take his Christmas purchase.

“I know people talk about it all the time, but to actually have it happen to you, it’s very violating to have someone come onto your property and take something that’s yours,” explained Novotny.

The roommates tell me they’re happy they invested in the security system. And though Novotny might never experience his projector screen, he’s just wishing this video will put a stop to a crime plaguing riverside this holiday season.

“That’s why we purchased things like this, so that if indeed the deterrent factor of keeping them from doing it doesn’t work, at least now I have a picture of you, or a video of you in this case,” Novotny said.

Wichita police have also put out a picture of this man and his vehicle on Facebook. If you know anything about this person, you are encouraged to call police as soon as possible.