Kansas agency to reduce some reimbursement rates for child psychiatric care

TOPEKA, Kan.  — Kansas officials plan to make changes to how it reimburses residential psychiatric care facilities that treat children covered by Medicaid.

Psychiatric residential treatment facilities provide care for children that need planned, in-patient care, when other out-patient programs are not effective. The Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services pays an agreed upon daily reimbursement rate to those facilities, when a child is staying there.

The agency also pays for what it calls “reserve days” when a child is not at the treatment facility, but a bed must still be reserved for the child to return. KDADS says that rate could be paid when the child is on a home visit, or in a hospital for a medical reason.

The agency is planning to reduce the reimbursement rate for those reserve days, to pay 60 percent of the full reimbursement amount, instead of the full amount it had been paying. The agency says this is in alignment with other reimbursement policies in the state, such as those for nursing homes.

A representative with KDADS says a date for the change has not been released.