Holcomb rallies to help house fire victims

Juanita Perez plans to donate any clothes that don't fit her children.

HOLCOMB, Kan. (KSNW) — A small Kansas community is coming together to help a family who lost everything in a fire over the weekend. Luckily, all escaped unharmed, but now they have to start over.

“You don’t ever imagine that everything could be taken away in the blink of an eye,” said Juanita Perez, “but when it does happen, you kind of feel worthless and hopeless and you don’t really think people are going to come together.”

For Perez, the hopelessness she felt after her home was destroyed by fire did not last long.

“Our community has come together and brought me clothes and shoes,” said Perez.

She says people from all over Finney County have donated so many clothes for her and her six children that they’ve filled her sister’s shed.

“You just never think that people are going to reach out and really help you as much as people have helped us.”

She says anything they don’t use will go to charities like the Red Cross.

Wiley Elementary School students have a concert at the high school tonight, and attendees will be able to donate to the family.

“Money, gift cards, anything that will help the family get through the next few weeks, through Christmas,” said Deana Novack, the principal of Wiley and Holcomb Elementary Schools, which three of Perez’s children attend.

“I just want to tell everybody thank you,” said Perez, “and I hope everybody’s holidays are as good as they’ve made mine, because my holidays are going to be a lot better because of the people here.”

Juanita and her family are currently staying with her sister, but they’re trying to find a new home for all eight of them. Supporters can donate here to the family’s Go Fund Me campaign.