Wichita FBI office warns of phone scam

FBI (Courtesy: NBC)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The Wichita FBI is warning area residents about a phone scam in the area.

During these calls, an individual claims to be an agent with the FBI and informs the person of a fine they are required to pay and demands payment.

The caller informs the individuals that he/she has outstanding warrants, IRS fines, or owes a financial debt. The caller instructs the individuals on how to provide payment. The callers on occasion have attempted to “legitimize” these scams by referencing specific information pertaining to the victim.

The FBI says they would not contact individuals and demand payment of any fines. The FBI reminds residents to protect their personal and financial information and to be cautious with personal information on the internet.

If you should receive a call, where the individual is claiming to be from the FBI and demanding payment of a fine, please contact the Wichita FBI at 316-262-0031.