Wesley holds ribbon-cutting for new ER facility in Derby

New Wesley Derby ER trauma room SOURCE: Molly Brewer (KSNW)

DERBY, Kan. (KSNW) – The City of Derby welcomed a new neighbor Tuesday when Wesley Medical Center held the ribbon-cutting ceremony at new emergency room at the corner of 63rd Street South and Rock Road.

The new facility includes 11 beds and an on-site laboratory. It will be staffed by board-certified staff and physicians 24 hours a day.

Sedgwick County Emergency Medical Service officials say the new ER will save critical minutes in transporting those in need of emergency care in that part of the county. But it also saves them time in responding to other calls.

“We can treat medical illnesses, certainly if you are having difficulty breathing, any kind of nausea, or vomiting,” said Dr. Francie Ekengren.

Most emergency service care can be provided at the new location, including stabilizing more serious patients who need to be sent to Wichita.

“We can start lines, we can put in chest tubes, we can do anything we need to do to stabilize a patient to get them to a main OR over in Wesley,” Ekengren said.

It also helps Sedgwick County EMS deal with a continuing need.

“Derby is one of the faster growing communities in the state,” said Scott Hadley, director of emergency services for Sedgwick County.

Hadley says the county has been working to address those needs in that part of the county.

“If we have to transport from (the) Derby area to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, you are looking at a 15-20 minute transport time just depending on time a day, weather, traffic patterns, those types of things,” Hadley said.

Sedgwick County is adding another EMS post in July at 5055 S. Oliver, which is about four miles away from the Derby ER. A shorter distance to another ER will allow EMS crews to serve other patients sooner.

“It lets us become back in service a lot quicker then we normally would going to Wichita, so it puts a unit available in that area which is a good thing for citizens in that part of the county,” Hadley said.

The new Wesley ER facility is a $10 million project, and officials are planning to be open next week.