Some Rose Hill residents upset over prospective ordinance

Camper in Rose Hill, Kansas. (Photo: KSN/Scott Dietz)

ROSE HILL, Kan. (KSNW) – A proposed ordinance in Rose Hill is frustrating some residents of the community.

The city has drawn up a new parking and storage regulation for RV campers, boats and utility trailers. Close to 70 residents and one city council member met Monday night to discuss the new proposal.

The Rose Room at the Rose Hill Bank was packed as residents were eager to hear more about these proposed zoning regulations for boats, RVs and utility trailers. The discussion has become heated and could end up driving people out of town.

The Rose Hill planning commission is working to change the parking and storage rules. But none of those city officials were present for the meeting, just some fired-up Rose Hill residents.

Under the new guidelines, it would be mandatory to keep boats, RVs and trailers in a contained storage facility. It wouldn’t allow anyone to park them on their own driveway or another place of choice for more than two days a month.

The current city ordinance allows residents to store such vehicles 15 days a month. The change would, in effect, serve as a city-wide homeowners association. Many Rose Hill residents are not happy with that idea.

“If you’re a family like us that travels every weekend during the summer, we load up our camper on Thursday, then Friday that’s one day,” said Rose Hill resident Eric Bollig. “If we come home on Sunday’s, we unload, clean and we could in theory put it back on Monday’s. That’s two days and one trip a month we would be allowed, versus the four. So, our family is affected in that we can’t spend time with them now.”

A group of residents at the meeting Monday night are working on putting together a committee to fight the city on this issue. There will be a city workshop to discuss the proposed plan on December 13. The final vote will take place in early January.