Changes to East Kellogg lead to confusion for Wichita drivers

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – For months, we’ve seen the impacts of the new traffic patterns as improvements are being made on Kellogg, but as it all takes place, it’s creating quite the hassle for residents as they get accustomed to new patterns.

The latest changes on the road, hitting Kellogg, Webb, and the Turnpike can be frustrating and a bit confusing for people who haven’t been around to see all the signs with the changes.

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“It’s probably a couple of times a month I would say,” Jessica Schott said of how often she drives in the area, “but considering, when we’re driving I had no idea what I was doing, the road is completely veered off to the side, I didn’t even know that was possible for them to do.”

For Schott and other drivers in the Wichita area, even if they knew it was coming, the pattern can easily through people off.

“Regardless, people are trying to commute back and forth to work, you know, trying to get Christmas shopping done, it just makes it a huge hassle,” she said.

Other drivers agreed.

“It’s super confusing,” said Carlos Camacho “I haven’t been here in about a month and as I’m coming down the road it veers to the right and it has its own lane and I’m not used to this so I almost missed my turn.”

All traffic exiting the Turnpike at the Kellogg toll plaza will use the eastbound south frontage road. Drivers wishing to go west on Kellogg will need to use the provided U-Turn, a half mile east of Webb Road. Access to the Turnpike via westbound Kellogg will detour to Rock Road then come back eastbound to the Kellogg/KTA entrance.

The multi-million dollar project will work in phases, with construction expected to be finished in 2021.