Yesenia Sesmas had a warrant for arrest on previous case

Yesenia Sesmas (Courtesy: Dallas County Sheriff’s Department)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Yesenia Sesmas is sitting in jail in Dallas. She’s accused by police of killing Laura Abarca-Nogueda and stealing her newborn daughter, baby Sophia.

The sheriff of Sedgwick County says there was a case where she was arrested back in July of this year. And she was arrested. And then she bonded out, awaiting a court appearance. But, she never went back to court to face the charges stemming from a July incident.

“There was a case this summer where she was arrested and placed into the Sedgwick County jail on $50,000 bond,” says Sedgwick County Sheriff, Jeff Easter. “(She) bonded out and then she did not appear for her court date. And when she didn’t appear for her court date a judge issued a warrant for her, and raised the bond to $200,000.”

Easter would not get into specifics of that arrest in July other than to say it involved kidnapping charges in another alleged case.

But, since she was already in the court system, KSN asked why Sesmas could not be found, before police say she murdered Abarca-Nogueda.

“Because people move, that’s what happened in this particular case,” says Easter. “When they (deputies) went out to arrest her on it (warrant) the house was abandoned and we had no idea where she went.”

Easter says they have more than 12,000 active warrants at any given time in Sedgwick County, and that is the case right now. He says they have four warrant officers that specifically prioritize which cases they work.

He confirms the Sesmas case of a police complaint of kidnapping, was one of those cases that got a high priority.

“At that point that’s turned over to my judicial deputies who then start trying to locate her on this warrant,” says Easter. “And during that time frame we received a tip that she was actually, supposedly living in Dallas, Texas. So we sent a fax down to Dallas, Texas, asking for assistance on locating her on her warrant.”

Easter says that’s protocol since Sedgwick County does not have jurisdiction in Dallas.

Easter also says finding someone like Sesmas can be a challenge.

“When people don’t want to be arrested, they hide really well,” says Easter. “If they didn’t show up for court and they are on the run, believe it or not family members and other folks will lie to us about their whereabouts.”

Sesmas was found in Dallas and arrested after police got another tip following the death of Abarca-Nogueda.

For now, Sesmas remains in jail in Dallas. She will be extradited to Kansas to face charges in the case police say she committed murder. After the Kansas and Texas governors both sign extradition paperwork, county officials will fly her back to Wichita to face charges.

Baby Sophia is was found, safe, and is now with her father in Wichita.