Wichita officer forms unique relationship with hungry

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A Wichita police officer has formed a unique relationship with the community members he serves.

“As long as I’m affecting at least one person in a positive way that’s what I’m here for,” said Wichita Officer Donielle Watson.

Watson, 35, is the security guard at the newest Lord’s Diner food truck located near the Atwater Community Center in northeast Wichita. The truck is in the same neighborhood Watson grew up in.

“It was just me, my mom and my sister and you know she worked two jobs to make ends meet, so it was a lot of me being the man of the house for a while,” he said. “Just living in this area, there are gangs, there are drugs, we have drive-bys so just living in this area it can be tough.”

That’s why when the opportunity came along to watch over the volunteers and the hungry at the Lord’s Diner food truck, Watson said yes.

“I said definitely I will come, that way I have a lot of positive interactions with people who live in my area,” he said.

Some people told KSN Watson has had more than positive interactions with them. They said he has impacted their lives.

“He tries so hard to make sure none of us are getting hurt or nothing,” said Ally Collins.

“He tries to keep everyone safe and tries to help others,” said Donje Collins.

Watson checks in on how the kids are behaving and gives them advice.

“Make the right choice and good things will happen to you,” Watson said.

It’s the message the 13-year veteran of WPD said he lives by and hopes the kids and the families he encounters will too.

“A lot of these kids go through a lot. I grew up just like they did, but what I try to tell them is hey, if I can do it, you can do it,” Watson said.

The Lord’s Diner has three food trucks. The one in the northeast part of Wichita has been open for about five weeks and has already served out more than 11,000 meals.