While shoppers are looking for deals, thieves are looking to steal

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Law enforcement puts up electronic signs every year, warning shoppers about the increase in crime over the holidays.

While many shoppers are looking for deals inside stores, thieves are looking for steals in the parking lot.

“Know that there is the potential that anything you leave in your car could be stolen,” stated Deputy Tim Hallacy, Sedgwick Co. Sheriff’s Office.

According to Deputy Hallacy, there’s an uptick in car burglaries this time of year.

“Not that I want people to necessarily be overzealous or be paranoid during the holiday season, but they have to realize that there’s only so many eyes watching and actually sometimes those eyes aren’t the ones we want looking into our vehicles,” said Hallacy.

Hallacy says it’s best to just have the items on your person, or don’t keep them in the car at all. He also adds that throwing a jacket over a purse or a shopping bag won’t fool most criminals, so it’s best to take it with you.