Baby Sophia suspect extradition could take time

Yesenia Sesmas (Courtesy: Dallas County Sheriff’s Department)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Yesenia Sesmas is in jail in Dallas, Texas.The Sedgwick County District Attorney has filed charges in a case against her.

Wichita police say Sesmas abducted Baby Sophia and then killed her mother, Laura Abarca-Nogueda.

KSN is asking when the suspect will be in Wichita to face those charges.

Defense attorney Charley O’Hara is not working on this specific case, but he does have decades of experience on defense work in other cases. O’Hara offered his thoughts on extradition based on his experience.

“Yes, the defense could be a challenge at this point. But, first, she has to be brought back to Wichita,” says O’Hara. “For extradition, both governors have a pact. They have to agree, so, the governor in Kansas would have to sign some documents. The governor in Texas would have to sign some documents”

Once both governors sign extradition papers, authorities in Texas would transfer custody of Sesmas over to Sedgwick County deputies.

KSN also asked how long the process could take, if Sesmas decides to fight extradition.

“Most people, it’s very hard to win an extradition case. It’s very difficult to win it. Most people would waive it and get back,” says O’Hara. “Usually the person is back within ten days or so. Most people waive extradition so they can get back to at least get the process started because they are sitting in custody most of the time. So most people would waive that. But this is a very serious case so sometimes the general rules don’t apply.”

O’Hara says the suspect will have to eventually come to Wichita, even though police have said the she is not documented to be in the United States.