Loss of $185 led to Wichita man’s murder, according to court documents

VALLEY CENTER, Kan. (KSNW) – Newly released court documents shed light on the day Scottie Goodpaster Junior was murdered.

The probable cause affidavit lists the evidence that led Sedgwick County Sheriff’s deputies to arrest five suspects in the case. It also describes how Goodpaster and another victim were tortured.

The documents said the incident started on November 5, 2016 at the Executive Inn on West Kellogg. The documents said Goodpaster and a female victim were staying at the motel when the five suspects entered their room, questioned and threatened the pair about losing $185 in a methamphetamine deal.

The paperwork said the suspects eventually loaded Goodpaster and the other victim into two separate cars and drove them to a home in Valley Center.

On the way to the home in Valley Center, the female victim told police one of the suspects, Heidi Hillard, blindfolded the woman, choked her until she was unconscious and Tased her multiple times.

Once at the home, court documents said the suspects tied the female victim to a chair and encouraged a large dog to bite her. During that time, records show Heidi and Jeff Hillard interrogated the woman about the drug money for a second time. The victim then allegedly put the blame on Goodpaster.

Records show the suspects then turned on Goodpaster. It said they struck Goodpaster with an ax, a large hammer, a wood board and a knife. At one point, records said the suspects choked him with an electrical cord and shoved wooden sticks into his ears.

The court documents said Goodpaster tried to escape two times. However, each time he tried to escape the suspects caught him and continued to torture him.

Goodpaster’s body was found in a field in Harvey County on November 12.

Goodpaster’s father told KSN on Monday that he is still grieving his son’s death, but is coming to terms with what happened to him.

“I know Jesus grabbed my baby right up. He’s in heaven,” said Scottie Goodpaster Senior.

Five people have been charged in connection with Goodpaster’s death. They are Jeff Hillard, Heidi Hillard, Brian Bussart, Willie Morris and Alexandria Scott.