More apartments in Great Bend causes concern about crime

GREAT BEND, Kan. (KSNW) – Great Bend officials recently approved more income-based housing for the city. The Trail Ridge apartment complex will be getting 48 more units, but the high rate of crime in the area has some residents concerned.

Great Bend’s police chief said officers responded to around 163 calls in that area, since the complex opened last year – a number that’s outside the norm for the area.

“Everything from simple disturbance calls to, you know, we had some calls that were sexual in nature that were a little more disturbing too, with some of the residents,” said Chief Cliff Couch.

KSN reached out to residents — some had concerns about the crime rate but did not want to go on camera. Other residents told us the high crime rate is a misconception.

“I have lived elsewhere in town, and there was every bit as much law enforcement called,” said Ben Wooding.

However, he said there were some residents that caused trouble.

The apartment management said they have a zero crime tolerance policy that they are working to strictly enforce.

“We’re very concerned with the problem and it’s unacceptable to us that it’s happened, so it will be corrected and it will be corrected quickly,” said Matt Gillam, vice president of development at Overland Property Group.

Management has evicted 15 people in the last month for specific concerns or violations.

“They don’t tolerate anything,” said Wooding. “I’m very pleased with that.”

With additional apartment coming in the future, police and management plan to work together to lower the crime rate. Management also said the rigorous application process will help weed out those prone to trouble.