Second phase of East Kellogg construction set to begin Monday

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – On Monday, more work is set to begin on the east Kellogg construction project. During the project, traffic will be moved to a new frontage road, left turns will be restricted, and crews will demolish the Kansas Turnpike Authority bridge over Kellogg. Construction on the first East Kellogg Improvement project started in August 2015 to widen Kellogg from Webb to K-96.

Monday, Nov. 21

  • Kellogg’s eastbound south frontage road, roughly between Webb and Greenwich, will open.
  • Left turns at eastbound Kellogg and Webb Road will be prohibited. A U-turn option for eastbound Kellogg will be provided approximately a half mile east of Webb Road.


Monday, Nov. 28

The KTA bridge over Kellogg near Webb Road is expected to close as the first step toward demolition of that bridge.

What it means for travel?

  • All traffic exiting the Turnpike (I-35/KTA) at the Kellogg toll plaza will use the eastbound south frontage road. Drivers wishing to go west on Kellogg will need to use the provided U-Turn, ½ mile east of Webb Road.
  • Access to the Turnpike (I-35/KTA) via westbound Kellogg will detour to Rock Road then come back eastbound to the Kellogg/KTA entrance.


Friday, Dec. 2

Kellogg between Rock and Webb Roads will be closed for the removal of the Turnpike bridge over Kellogg. Demolition will begin on Dec. 2 at 10 p.m. and last through 5 a.m. Monday, Dec. 5.

What it means for travel?

  • Eastbound Kellogg traffic will be diverted south on Rock Road, east on Harry and north on Webb Road to the south Kellogg frontage road
  • Westbound Kellogg traffic will detour north on Webb, west on Central and south on Rock Road back to Kellogg
  • Traffic exiting the Turnpike (I-35/KTA) at the Kellogg toll plaza will use the eastbound frontage road, and if wanting to travel west on Kellogg will use the U-turn, ½ mile east of Webb Road and follow the detour signs
  • Entrance to the Turnpike (I-35/KTA) from Kellogg will be prohibited during the bridge demolition. KTA traffic will need to follow the detour signs to the K-96 toll plaza.

Once the bridge demolition is complete, access to and from the Kansas Turnpike at the Kellogg toll plaza will be via eastbound Kellogg only. Since all left turns at Webb Road will be prohibited, Kellogg drivers will need to use U-turn lanes ½ mile east of Webb on Kellogg and the U-turn lane at Rock Road.



Drivers are encouraged to plan ahead and stay informed to improve their travel during these changes and throughout the project. More information is available at and via Twitter at @E54ict.

The project is expected to be complete in 2021.

Business owner reacts:

Ron Groves is the owner of Groves Retail Liquor located on 9629 E Kellogg Drive. His store is in the middle of the Kellogg construction zone. On Thursday, he said he was worried his customers will not be made aware of the construction until it’s too late.

“Right now, eight out of ten people who come in here don’t know that’s going to happen Monday unless they see the sign on the street going 60 miles per hour and it’s too bad they couldn’t have advertised that a little better,” Groves said.

Groves said he’s ultimately concerned the construction will have a negative impact on his bottom line, particularly his holiday sales.

“That will be one Saturday where all the merchants out here will hurt a little bit,” he said.

City officials said while they agree the timing is not ideal, Kellogg from Rock to Webb will only be closed for a few days. Officials said if they don’t get the work done during the allotted time they risk delaying the project. Graves said while he does have his reservations about the project, he is optimistic about the future.

“I’m hopeful what they have done so far is . . . hopeful that the worst part is behind us,” Groves said.