Member of Trump transition team fields tough questions from WSU Students

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – It has been just over a week since Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

The President-elect has been forming his transition team as he prepares to take office.

On Thursday, one member of that team was at Wichita State University and, took some tough questions from students.

Alan Cobb joined the Trump campaign in February 2015

He served as the national coalitions director for the Trump campaign, until being appointed to Trump’s transition staff.

Cobb spoke to WSU Professor Mel Kahn’s Political Science class Thursday morning.

Students, like Adam Berry, peppered Cobb with questions, echoing what many Americans want to know, will the Affordable Care Act stay?

“What do you think his plans are to keep those elements implemented while repealing the rest?” said Berry.

Cobb spoke about some possible changes that could be made to Obamacare.

“I think the two things he’s mentioned is kids get to stay on their parents insurance until age 26 and the preexisting conditions,” said Cobb.

Other students asked about how Trump would handle immigration and if the wall the President-elect has talked about will become a reality.

Cobb wasted no time in saying that the wall will be built.

“A lot of Hispanics, most Hispanics, they don’t have a problem with the wall, also you’ve heard Mr. Trump say but with a big beautiful door, let’s make illegal immigration hard, legal immigration easy,” said Cobb.

One student also brought up the allegations of sexual assault against Trump.

They asked now that Trump is the President-Elect, would he pursue taking legal action on the women that have accused him.

“I think he’s got more important things to worry about, $19 trillion of debt, the Middle East in flames, reviewing trade pacts than he has to do about someone who might have falsely accused him,” said Cobb.

Students also threw out several other questions, including wondering Trump would pay for everything he says he is trying to accomplish.

Another topic that was brought up was foreign relationships, mainly with Russia and Vladmir Putin.

Cobb is from Kansas and is a Wichita State alumni.