Black Friday guide to smart phones

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Black Friday deals are being released, and when it comes to electronics, smart phones and tablets are among the more popular items that will have people out searching for the most for their money.

But with all the options out there it can be tricky to know whether or not you’re getting a great deal.

We wanted to make that easier for you so we started by wanting to know what you were looking for.

bfphones-featuresTHE SURVEY

KSN took a survey to find out which smart phone and tablet features are the most important to you.

We’re starting off by taking a look at the newest smartphones on the market.

We met with a few local technology specialists to see what they recommend and why.

Apple, Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola…so many phones that offer so many features.

We wanted a simple way to break down what’s available – so come Black Friday you have an easier time knowing you’ve found a great deal.

Our online survey showed that when buying a phone you’re looking for battery life, storage, and speed.

We talked with independent tech experts at Computer Trouble Shooters in Wichita to find out which smart phones are your best picks.

bfphones-batteryBATTERY LIFE

We’ll start with battery life.

With a battery that offers power up to nearly 24 hours with use – the Motorola Moto-Z comes in at number one.

A close second is the Samsung Galaxy S7, with a battery life that will easily get you through a long work day and also offers a doze feature to save your power overnight.

“The biggest one for Android right now is the Galaxy S7 just because of the water resistant, which that’s key for anybody that has kids,” explains Jeff Wolfe, an IT expert at Computer Troubleshooters in downtown Wichita.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge both ranked number one when it comes to the best smart phone storage.

It offers 32GB, 64GB all the way up to an optional 256GB of storage with microSD slot.

“It’s speed, it’s camera, and how much space it will hold. a lot of the cheaper ones you can’t do excess memory on but the more expensive ones are always the way to go,” recommends Jeff.


bfphones-speedAnd the final category you said was important – the speed of the processor.

The top picks here should look familiar.

The iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge both come in at the top.

The S7 Edge came in about 18 seconds behind the iPhone 7.

The Edge has one of the fastest Android chips available, but its software and preloaded apps make it slower than the iPhone 7.

On the Apple side – our experts say the newest iPhone 7 ranks near the top in all three of your categories and is also water resistant.

The common downfall to the iPhone is its price.

It costs more than most of its Android competitors.

“The battery life is better, the processor is better on the bigger phone. Typically you pay what the price tag says. Typically the only deals you get are through a phone company carrier,” explains Alex Nivison, also with Computer Troubleshooters.


Our experts say when it comes to technology – you often get what you pay for.

They suggest a little extra money up front will keep you happier in the long run.

Tablets are another hot item come Black Friday sales.

We’ll reveal what our survey shows are the most important factors in buying a tablet and how to know if you’re getting a good deal next Monday at ten.


The Google Pixel (along with its bigger brother, the Pixel XL), is the latest entry into the Android smartphone battle and, by most accounts, it is a winner. Does that mean it beats the Samsung S7 Edge? Not necessarily. Many who have reviewed both phones find they are, for the most part, neck and neck in speed, battery life and camera performance. But there are differences.

For storage options, you can get the Google Pixel in 32GB or 128GB, but the Samsung S7 Edge offers a microSD slot which allows expansion up to 256GB. Google does allow it’s Pixel customers to upload an unlimited number of photos and videos, including 4k video, to Google Photos.

One big draw of the Google Pixel phones are that they run a pure version of Android without any manufacturer-imposed skins or extras. It also benefits from being the first when it comes to Android system updates.

If considering the Google Pixel phone, you might want to also take a look at Google’s Project Fi as an alternative for cell phone service. If you don’t use a lot of data you can get service for as low as $30 per month — but it only works with Google’s phones for now.