‘Joey Weber Act’ getting closer to reality

OAKLEY, Kan. (KSNW) – A draft of a proposed bill is a step forward for the Weber family.

Joey Weber’s father, John, said he feels “that things are coming along very well.”

He added: “We’re happy with the way everything’s progressing anyway.”

The Joey Weber Act allows for a notice on vehicle registration that the person “suffers from a disease or disability which may impair their cognitive functioning, or is responsible for the transportation of a person with such a disease or disability.”

It would be voluntary to provide that information, but could provide valuable information for law enforcement responding to a crisis.

“It kind of came out of brainstorming, you know, different types of situations and instances, so we thought that’d be something else that would be beneficial to help families,” said Rep. Gail Finney, who is writing the bill.

It would require a statement showing “proof the disease or disability impairs cognitive functioning.” This could be provided by a licensed practitioner, a registered nurse, a physician assistant or a Christian Science practitioner.

Weber said he understands that some with disabilities might be hesitant to provide information about their health — but he hopes such a bill, if passed, would be used.

“You just never know what kind of a situation might arise, and it could actually save someone’s life,” he said.

According to Finney, she’s already heard interest in the bill and is working to gather support.

For Weber, it’s about preserving his son’s memory and helping others.