FEMA assistance coming for flood-damaged roads in Sumner County

BELLE PLAINE, Kan. (KSNW) — Two months after the September flooding local officials have learned that they will be getting enough funding from FEMA and Kansas officials to repair roads and infrastructure that was damaged.

Seneca Road in Belle Plaine has seen better days.

“It was probably over my head as far as water depth in this area,” says Township Trustee David Armstrong.

It has been two months since the flooding but the damage is still in plain sight.

Armstrong says North Seneca road was one of the worst hit roads in his area.

“It is like quick sand in some of this area so we have to be careful.”

He says damage on Seneca Road and also along the Sedgwick and Sumner county line are badly in need of repair, and the costs are in the thousands.

Armstrong says, “We are working with the state and local government people to get that drainage repaired there.”

FEMA External Affairs Specialist Barb Sturner says they have already done initial reviews with some localities in the eleven counties.

“Once we determine those eligible costs the federal government will pay 75 percent of those eligible costs and the other 25 percent is usually between the state and the local jurisdiction,” said Sturner.

For local officials, it’s a relief that FEMA will help out.

“I am expecting a phone call from them any time now to get together with them to look at more sites,” said Armstrong.