Could Kris Kobach be Donald Trump’s Attorney General?

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The idea of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach becoming Donald Trump’s Attorney General is circulating around the web.

A quick Google search on Wednesday showed news outlets like the Huffington Post, Reuters and NBC News talking about the possibility of Kobach being appointed to Trump’s cabinet.

KSN reached out to Kobach’s office for comment. No one has returned KSN’s calls. However, on November 15, Kobach, who is known for his harsh immigration policies, posted a FOX News article titled “Top Trump Immigration Adviser Predicts Immediate Change” to Twitter. He then wrote¬†#BuildTheWall.

Chairman of the Kansas Republican Party Kelly Arnold said he’s not surprised Kobach’s name is being tossed around for the position.

“One of the hot topics of this whole campaign has been immigration, building the wall, revamping our immigration policies and Secretary Kobach has kind of been the face of that for a long time and not just for Kansas, but for other states,” Kelly Arnold said.

Kobach has been a national voice on the immigration issue for years. He has drafted border security plans for the Republican party platform, has testified before Congress and is part of Trump’s transition team.

“There are probably, I’m sure, a very good fit for him in the Trump administration dealing with his immigration policy and his background,” Arnold said.

However, if opponents get their way, Kobach will not get the position. The outspoken conservative has been heavily criticized for his push to pass a law to prevent voter fraud.

Arnold said either way it’s good see a representative from the state making headlines.

“If they are from Kansas, it helps us all,” he said.

KSN also reached out to the Sedgwick County Democratic Party regarding the story. No one returned KSN’s calls.