Hoverboards again are a hot holiday item, but many consumers are hesitant to buy

Hoverboard (Courtesy: WFLA-TV)

Hoverboards are back. The hot toy from last year’s holiday season flamed out after some of them actually caught fire and exploded.

Hoverboard sales sky rocketed before reports rolled in about issues. “We’ve been concerned of the fires, saw on TV where they self-explode,” parent Brian Lamb said.

But now, new versions are back in stores. Makers promise they’re safe.

Still, Target shopper Erica Ring won’t be buying a hoverboard this holiday season. “I don’t want my house to catch on fire,” Ring said. “I would say prime reason is safety and close second is the fire hazard.”

Parent Melody Sparks won’t be buying, either. “I would wait a year because I don’t trust, ya know. Like they can say that they’ve fixed it and it’s ready to roll. But yeah, you wait,” Sparks said.

Wyatt Lamb got one last year. “I don’t use it anymore since what happened about the fires. So I’ve been a little concerned about my home self,” he said.

Hoverboard shoppers should look for the UL certified symbol, the Consumer Product Safety Commission chairman said. A Target spokesman insists that assures they’ve completed safety certification protocols.

Target has evaluated them. The spokesman said guests are eager to see hoverboards again.

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