Hassan Wright pleads no contest to stabbing and killing 6-year-old girl

Hassan Wright (KSN File Photo)
Laniya Mitchell
Laniya Mitchell

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Hassan Wright made an appearance in Sedgwick County Court Tuesday, and he pleaded no contest to stabbing a 6-year-old girl on Nov. 4.

Wright was arrested and charged with 17 counts including first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, and aggravated kidnapping.

Six-year-old Laniya Mitchell was stabbed to death. Her mother and sister were also stabbed. The victims were found at two locations. The first location was at the Parklane Shopping Center, and the second was 77th and Ridge Road.

Court records released Tuesday by District Attorney Marc Bennett describe very gruesome details of what took place Nov. 4. KSN is not releasing all of those details because family members were involved.

This affidavit document reads on the night of Nov. 3, “…Hassan Wright, came to her [the woman’s] residence on foot asking for a ride…”

The woman loaded her two kids into the vehicle with them. Wright then had the woman drive out to a field off of West 77th street in north Wichita. At one point, Wright tied the woman up.

The documents shows “…she was able to cut her hands free with a pocket knife she had.” That’s when Wright “…began to stab her and the children with his black handled knife.”

The mother told the youngest child to run, and the 4-year-old was able to escape. That’s why the next morning police said a worker “…located a small four year old female…who was walking in a field.”

According to interviews with law enforcement, Wright’s family said that he had come home, early morning after the crime and told them he “…could not spend his life in jail, the cops were coming and they would need to hurry.”

Family members told police that Wright had cuts to his neck and near his nose. Wright’s Defense Attorney, Mark Rudy, says his client agreed to plea “no contest” because he understood what he did had tragic consequences on the family.

“He understands the ramifications of what he’s done. He’s torn a family apart and a child is dead, the other little girl is obviously going to need some help going forward, as well as the mom,” said Rudy.

DA Marc Bennett tells KSN even though it’s uncommon for cases like this one to move this quickly, the victim’s family wanted it this way.

“The decision was made that this would be in everybody’s best interest and certainly if Mr. Wright wanted to accept responsibility this is something that we should make happen,”

Wright’s sentencing will take place Dec. 15.

The plea means that Wright neither admits or disputes the crimes he is charged with.