Best Buy gives us an early look at holiday deals

Black Friday is next week which means a lot of stores will be rolling out deep discounts. It just wouldn’t be Black Friday without stores like Best Buy rolling out the best of the best deals. So grab a pen! Here’s a sneak peak.

Orange Best Buy’s Robert Gagne is giving you a head start with a look at what they’ll be offering.

“There’s a new mixer for KitchenAid, usually it’s around $500 and it’s going to be down to $200 for the season, and then things for kids as well, we have video games more than half off, we have DVD’s for $7.99 so some pretty significant savings for the whole family,” he said.

He says bundle deals will be big for people wanting to save on things like GoPro and its accessories.  Of course wouldn’t be Black Friday without deals on TVs! Gagne says 70% of their customers are looking for deals on electronics and they are ready to deliver.

“Black Friday there’s a great deal for TVs, there’s a Toshiba 49 inch that when you come into the store Black Friday it’s actually more than half off. So that’s a really good deal for that TV.  There’s also a really good deal on iPads you’ll save $125 on iPads,” Gagne added.

Best Buy isn’t the only one getting a head start, Walmart’s Black Friday deals and online specials are already available through its website, Toys R Us slashed prices online as well as an early cyber-Monday special.

If you haven’t already, spend some time this week thinking about what you want to buy that weekend and start comparing who’s offering the better deal now. The best way to maximize your shopping weekend is to carefully plan out your day so you don’t waste time in unnecessary lines at one store while missing deals at the other store you really need.

Click here to see the Black Friday ad from Best Buy.