“Love Trumps Hate” rally planned for Wichita’s Old Town

Old Town (KSN Photo)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Several hundred people gathered in Wichita’s Old Town Entertainment District Friday night to hold a  “Love Trumps Hate” rally.  While organizers say they’d originally planned for a couple of dozen people to show up, they now say that number could swell to hundreds.

Those organizers say the event was not a protest, but a rally.

The rally was originally organized by a teenager and a college student. But after receiving some backlash from some people, they handed it over to two older adults. They say it will be a peaceful rally with dialogue among people who feel they did not have their voices heard during this week’s general election.

The organizers now say the rally is about moving forward.

“This is not about being anti anything this is not about rioting, this is not about being violent, this is about being peaceful, this is about coming together and joining together and making sure that whatever happens we go forward peacefully,” said Evan Shaheen, one of the organizers.

There will be security in place with Wichita Police strategically placed around the protest area to make sure things run smoothly. Volunteers in red hats, called Peacekeepers, will be on hand to make sure things stay civil.