Fort Hays student killed in Tuesday’s officer-involved shooting

HAYS, Kan. (KSNW) — Tonight, KSN learned that a Fort Hays State student was the person involved in Tuesday’s officer-involved shooting just north of Hays.

It has been a rough day for many students that knew Kenton Kobza. Students who lived at the dorms with him are still trying to come to terms with what happened early Tuesday morning.

Many people that knew the freshman describe him as someone that was always upbeat — always saying ‘hi’ to people, even if he didn’t know them.

KSN’s Amanda Aguilar talked to Kobza’s roommate today. He said he saw Kobza before he left early Tuesday morning.

Daylan Carlson said Kobza was sleepless and told him he was going to head to WalMart.

When Kobza wasn’t back the next morning, and the roommate learned about the shooting — he started to get a little worried.

” Then he was gone the rest of the day, then I came back at six o’clock, and I saw the warrant there and I went to talk to the KBI, and that’s how I found out,” said Carlson.

He said he was just shocked that something like this could happen to Kobza, adding that he’s shocked to hear what law enforcement said Kobza did — including fighting back against an officer. Carlson said that was not in his character at all.

Kobza was on the track team at Fort Hays State. Teammates said they had a meeting to discuss the situation. The roommate said  Kobza’s aunt and uncle came earlier this afternoon to clear his belongings from his dorm.