Garden City teens hurt in separate car surfing accidents

One of the teens was injured at Garden City High School

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) — Two Garden City teens were rushed to the hospital after separate car surfing accidents.

“This is something that students shouldn’t be doing and is very dangerous,” said Roy Cessna with USD 457.

On Monday, a middle school student was riding on the hood of a car at Garden City High School after class.

The car stopped suddenly, causing the 13 year old to fall off. She was taken to a Wichita hospital for treatment.

“This happened after school was out and the parking lot was clear for the day,” said Cessna. “Again, our thoughts go out not only to the student but also the family at this time.”

Then on Tuesday, police say a 16 year old fell off the hood of his friend’s car at a local drive-thru the and was taken to a Wichita hospital.

Garden City police say they don’t see a pattern: no social media trends or anything in the news, TV, or movies to inspire these actions. They say it’s most likely an unfortunate coincidence.

“It’s actually a really dangerous idea and often times it doesn’t turn out well, just cause teenagers don’t always think about the consequences,” said Caroline Robinson, a Garden City high school student. “’Oh what happens if I slam on the brakes and they fall off?’ They don’t really think about those things.”

Both of the drivers in each of the accidents were cited for reckless driving, and both teens are in fair condition.

Car surfing has become more of problem since it first became known back in the 1980’s.

Because there hasn’t been an official study done on car surfing, researchers analyzed newspaper reports and found that there were 58 reports of teens dying while car surfing.

Another 41 were hurt in some way, and they report that traumatic head trauma was most common injury and the most common cause of death.