Voters greeted with long lines on final day of advanced voting

Several waited in line at the Sedgwick County Courthouse to cast their ballot Monday. (KSN Photo)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Whether you want to “Make America Great Again” or if you’re “With Her”, there was one thing that all voters were dealing with Monday morning: long lines.

The lines stretched to the end of the Sedgwick County Courthouse as residents had the chance to vote early for the last time.

Gwedolyn Callaway said she’s glad to see so many people participating.

“Any election, it would be nice to see this many people in line.”

While some voters, like Callaway, weren’t necessarily surprised by the turnout.

“No, I’m not because of the way this election has been going, as long as it’s been going, the way it’s been advertised and everything,” said Callaway,.“I’m not surprised at all.”

Others say they had never experienced anything quite like it.

“I’ve never stood in line to vote before,” said Karen Aiken, “but this election is so important that I’m willing to stand in line however long it takes.”

Other voters, taking note of the wide range of people who were voting, said that it could be a good sign that more are involved in this election.

“I just hope, I’m just hoping that the millennials are more aware of what’s going on at this time than they’ve ever been,” said Bill Callaway.

For Kansans like Aiken, voting early was imperative. She says the stakes are simply too high to wait around and while she had the time, she wanted to get it done—even if it took nearly an hour to happen.

“I’m excited about it, I really am. I think this is a very important election, the most important election in my lifetime, and I’m 57 years old and I’m excited to be a part of it actually.”