Sedgwick Co. Election Commissioner reminding voters electioneering is prohibited

Voters can access the full ballots, no matter how they registered

SEDGWICK Co., Kan. (KSNW) – If you’re heading to the polls Tuesday, there are a few things you need to know so the voting process goes smoothly.

Sedgwick County’s Election Commissioner, Tabitha Lehman, is reminding voters that political discussions and campaigning are not allowed at polling locations.

Lehman says she expects a high voter turnout.  With bigger number,  poll workers are prepared in case some want to influence voters.

Kansas law prohibits electioneering at polling sites.

According to Lehman, that means voters cannot wear campaign shirts, campaign hats are not allowed, neither are buttons with campaign slogans, along with no campaign stickers, and lastly, campaign signs are not allowed to be within 250 feet of the polling site.

“If someone is coming in with that the first thing that’s going to happen is an election worker is going to ask them to go in the restroom turn their shirt wrong side out cover it with a jacket, take off the hat, take off the button whatever it is that would be campaigning,” says Lehman.

If voters do not comply, the police could get involved, and you might lose your chance to vote.