Officials in Wichita inspect for damage after earthquake

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Just a day after a 5.0 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma, officials in Wichita are now keeping their eyes open for damage.

“At this point we are just looking for changes,” says Deputy Director of Public Works Joe Pajor.

City officials are focusing on three major locations.

They are the water treatment plant, wastewater, and city operations.

The city engineers went through the mechanical space in City Hall on the 14th floor. They’re checking for cracks and damage in foundations, the piping system, really anything and everything.

“We are trying to enhance our initial response and we going to do that by taking a more complete use of the folks that are already on duty,” says Pajor.

Interestingly enough, damage from a previous earthquake in February seemed to be corrected by Sunday evening’s earthquake.

“This was an 1/8th of an inch apart, but after this most recent earthquake it closed up.”

After spending hours going through all the major areas, it looks like they city escaped this latest powerful quake with no damage. Something difficult to explain.

“We have had events that were larger in magnitude that created zero or very minimal impact and smaller events as they were measured by the Richter scale that actually created a larger impact.”

Pajor says they plan to have contractors come in in the near future to do a more in-depth evaluation of the structure.