Clinton and Trump enter the final stretch

WASHINGTON (NBC News) – We’re down to the last 24 hours of campaigning before voters bring this tumultuous presidential campaign to an end.

Donald Trump hits five states today. Hillary Clinton appears in three.

With 42 million votes already in, Hillary Clinton has a four point lead in our last NBC-Wall Street Journal poll.

The FBI now says its email review is over. Clinton did not mention it in New Hampshire.

However, she did talk about the day after the election.

“We will have some work to do to bring about healing and reconciliation after this election. We have to begin listening to one another and respecting one another,” said Clinton.

Donald Trump claims the FBI is protecting Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton is guilty. She knows it, the FBI knows it, the people, the FBI, they know it’s, I think it’s very embarrassing to them, and now it’s up to the American people to deliver the justice,” declared Donald Trump.

President Obama joins Clinton in Pennsylvania tonight.

The NBC polls shows Clinton leading women, African-Americans, Latinos and early voters.

Trump leads men, seniors, whites without college degrees on this final full day of campaigning before polls open tomorrow.

Trump is in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Michigan today. Clinton’s making two stops in Pennsylvania, plus Michigan and North Carolina.