Landlord takes KSN inside the home where homicide victims lived

Drugs and guns found in home where victims lived

Harvey County homicide (KSN Photo)

HARVEY CO., Kan. (KSNW) – The search continues for the suspects accused of killing three people in Harvey County, Sunday.

Arrest warrants have been issued for Jereme Nelson and Myrta Rangel.

They’re accused of shooting and killing Travis Street, Angela Graevs and Richard Prouty at a home west of Moundridge.

KSN got a first look inside the home Street and Graevs shared.

The landlord, Kalani Walsh walked a KSN crew through the property, pointing out a number of bullet holes on the home’s exterior and several cluttered rooms.

Walsh said he rented out the house to Street and Graevs last year, and, had run into some problems with them last month.

The landlord said he had given his tenants three eviction notices, but they wouldn’t leave, that’s when he warned them he’d go to the Harvey Co. Sheriff’s Office.

“First thing I noticed, my chicken coop was gone. Second thing I noticed, the back side of my barn is gone, and then third thing is just everything that was just piled everywhere,” stated Walsh.

He also said he also found a couple pellet guns, and drugs inside the home.